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Guide for Joshua Hill's ENL111 class

Class Competencies

  • Research statements, key words, related words
    • Research statement's purpose
    • Identifying Key Words in your Research Statement
    • Creating a Related Words List
  • Library Catalogs (Ours and Other library catalogs)
  • Subject Databases page
  • Citation parts
  • Locating magazine, journal, or newspaper articles in the library
  • Evaluating websites for reliability


After the Library Class--Step 1 (Library Class PowerPoint Presentation)

After the Library Class--Step 2 (Library Assignment: Evaluating Information Resources)

After the Library Class--Step 3 (Basic Library Research Post Quiz)

ENL111 In-Class Activities Assignment

During the Library Class

Activity 1

  • Using your ENL 111 topic, write a focused research statement (a complete sentence).
  • Identify the Key Words in the research statement.
  • Create a list of Related Words for the Key Words you identified.
  • Answer the questions on your “Activities Form.”


Activity 2

  • Using the word pool you created in Activity 1, find a book from either the Madigan Library Catalog or another catalog.
  • Answer the questions on your “Activities Form.”
  • Begin with the Penn College Library Home Page:


Activity 3

  • Find 1 appropriate database on the Subject Databases page for your ENL 111 topic.
  • Answer the questions on your “Activities Form.”
  • Begin at the Library Home page:


Activity 4

  • Do a search in the database you found in Activity 3 using the word pool you created in Activity 1.
  • Find one citation to an article and locate these items in the citation:  Title of article, Title of Magazine, author (if one is given), vol. no., issue no., issue date, page article begins on.
  • Fill in the answers on your “Activities Form.”


        Activity 5

  • Using the citation you found in Activity 4, determine if PCT has the article in that citation.
  • Answer the questions on the “Activities Form.”
  • Begin at the Library Home Page: answer the above question.


        Activity 6

  • Using or as your search engine, locate a website for your topic.
  • Answer the questions on your “Activities Form.”



Subject Guide

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