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This research guide contains resources used to find information on anthropology-related topics.
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This guide contains links to databases containing articles, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials in the Madigan Library that can be helpful to your research.

If you have questions, contact me using the information on the right-hand side of this guide.  If I'm not available, try using our Ask a Librarian service.


Choosing a Topic

It may be helpful to read current news in anthropology to find ideas for topics that would be interesting to research.  The following is a list of journals that you can browse online.  If you find an article you wish to read, enter the journal title in Journal Locator to see if we have access to it.

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American Anthropologist - American Anthropological Association
American Anthropologist is the flagship journal of the American Anthropological Association, reaching well over 12,000 readers with each issue. The journal advances the Association's mission through publishing articles that add to, integrate, synthesize, and interpret anthropological knowledge; commentaries and essays on issues of importance to the discipline; and reviews of books, films, sound recordings and exhibits.

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American Ethnologist - American Anthropological Association
American Ethnologist is a quarterly journal concerned with ethnology in the broadest sense of the term. Articles published in the American Ethnologist elucidate the connections between ethnographic specificity and theoretical originality, and convey the ongoing relevance of the ethnographic imagination to the contemporary world.

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American Journal of Physical Anthropology - American Association of Physical Anthropologists
The Editor-in-Chief welcomes for consideration manuscripts that contribute to an understanding of the evolution of members of the order Primates, with particular emphasis on human biological evolution and variation. Within this framework, the AJPA publishes in established areas, including human biology and non-human primate behavior, and also seeks submissions in new and developing fronts that contribute to the growth of the science and increased understanding of human and non-human primate evolution.

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Anthropologica - Canadian Anthropology Society
Anthropologica, journal of the Canadian Anthropology Society (CASCA) was created from the merger of the Society's former journal, Culture, with Canada's oldest anthropology journal, Anthropologica. A semi-annual journal, it publishes peer-reviewed articles in both French and English devoted to social and cultural issues whether they are pre-historic, historic, contemporary, biological, linguistic, applied or theoretical in orientation.

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Anthropological Theory - SAGE
Anthropological Theory is an international peer reviewed journal seeking to strengthen anthropological theorizing in different areas of the world. AT encourages work at a high level of conceptual analysis, and addresses substantive issues such as nationalism, language and representation, material culture, transnationalism, globalization, sexuality, race and difference, gender, violence, migration, religion and political economy.

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Anthropology and Humanism - American Anthropological Association
Anthropology and Humanism concerns that central question of the discipline: what it is to be human. AH welcomes contributions from all major fields of anthropology and from scholars in other social science disciplines, as well as the humanities. It seeks to bring out the intricate and contradictory processes of life in other cultures--including those of anthropologists. Whether working with life histories or demographics, poetics or nutrition, artistic expression or scientific writing, this journal strives to maintain a focus on the human actors themselves. AH values writing that delights, writing that outrages, writing that evokes the human condition in all its messiness, glory, and misery, writing that reveals the social blockages that are deleterious to our social and physical environment and is able to promote cross-cultural understanding.

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Anthropology & Education Quarterly - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Council on Anthropology and Education
Anthropology & Education Quarterly is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarship on schooling in social and cultural context and on human learning both inside and outside of schools. Articles rely primarily on ethnographic research to address immediate problems of practice as well as broad theoretical questions. AEQ also publishes on the teaching of anthropology.

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Anthropology & Medicine - Routledge
Anthropology & Medicine is an interdisciplinary journal which expands upon the growing theory and research linking anthropology with medicine. It publishes original papers and reviews within the broad framework of medical anthropology, for a world-wide readership.

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Anthropology News - American Anthropological Association
Anthropology News (AN) is the official newspaper of the American Anthropological Association. It is a news source of anthropology for and by AAA members. AN staff provide a wide range of support to keep it fresh, on time and high quality. We welcome a great diversity in ideas, opinions, debates and research among anthropologists, and believe all of those should be celebrated in AN.

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Anthropology of Consciousness - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness
Anthropology of Consciousness publishes semiannually and consists of peer-reviewed full length articles and book reviews, as well as letters to the editor. The journal publishes research on a wide spectrum of topics — altered states of consciousness, religion, possession, trance, dissociative states, shamanistic, mediumistic and mystical traditions, indigenous healing practices, linguistic, philosophical, social and symbolic studies, and cultural psychology. AOC values interdisciplinary perspectives, respects diverse traditions, and prioritizes inclusiveness and open dialogue in the study of consciousness.

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Anthropology of Work Review - Society for the Anthropology of Work
The Anthropology of Work Review is the publication of the Society for the Anthropology of Work, which is a section of the American Anthropological Association. The goal of the journal is to publish research that will facilitate exchanges between those engaged in the study of all dimensions of human work. Articles and photo essays are welcomed from those working inside and outside academic contexts, from all nations and from all subfields and areas of specialty within anthropology. Theoretical and methodological discussions of the study of work and its contexts are encouraged, including interdisciplinary, collaborative, and student submissions.

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Anthropology Quarterly - George Washington University Institute for Ethnographic Research
Since 1921, Anthropological Quarterly has published scholarly articles, review articles, book reviews, and lists of recently published books in all areas of sociocultural anthropology. Its goal is the rapid dissemination of articles that blend precision with humanism, and scrupulous analysis with meticulous description.

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Anthropology Today - Royal Anthropological Institute
Anthropology Today is a bimonthly publication which aims to provide a forum for the application of anthropological analysis to public and topical issues, while reflecting the breadth of interests within the discipline of anthropology. It is also committed to promoting debate at the interface between anthropology and areas of applied knowledge such as education, medicine, development etc. as well as that between anthropology and other academic disciplines. Anthropology Today encourages submissions on a wide range of topics, consistent with these aims. Anthropology Today is an international journal both in the scope of issues it covers and in the sources it draws from.

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Anthropos - Anthropos Institute
Anthropos is the international journal of anthropology and linguistics, founded in 1906 by Wilhelm Schmidt. The title of the journal stands for the Greek word for “human being” and expresses its main purpose – namely the study of human societies in their cultural dimension. The cultivation of anthropology, ethnology, linguistics, and religious studies was therefore an essential component of Wilhelm Schmidt’s intellectual horizon. This tradition is continued today by members of the Anthropos Institute – the organizational carrier of the journal.

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Archeological Papers of the American Anthropological Association - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Archaeology Division
AP3A publishes original monograph-length manuscripts on a wide range of subjects generally considered to fall within the purview of anthropological archeology. There are no geographical, temporal, or topical restrictions. Organizers of AAA symposia are particularly encouraged to submit manuscripts, but submissions need not be restricted to these or other collected works.

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Asian Perspectives - University of Hawai'i Press
Asian Perspectivesis the leading archaeological journal devoted to the prehistory of Asia and the Pacific region. In addition to archaeology, it features articles and book reviews on ethnoarchaeology, palaeonanthropology, physical anthropology, and ethnography of interest and use to the prehistorian. International specialists contribute regional reports summarizing current research and fieldwork, and present topical reports of significant sites.

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The Australian Journal of Anthropology - Australian Anthropological Society
The Australian Journal of Anthropology (TAJA) publishes scholarly papers and book reviews in anthropology and related disciplines. Though wide ranging in its areas of interest, the journal especially welcomes theoretically focused analyses and ethnographic reports based on fieldwork carried out in Australia and neighbouring countries in the Pacific and Asian regions.

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Critique of Anthropology - SAGE
Critique of Anthropology is an international peer reviewed journal dedicated to the development of anthropology as a discipline that subjects social reality to critical analysis.The journal publishes academic articles which that contribute to an understanding of the determinants of the human condition, structures of social power, and the construction of ideologies in both contemporary and past human societies from a cross-cultural and socially critical standpoint.

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Cultural Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for Cultural Anthropology
Cultural Anthropology publishes ethnographic writing informed by a wide array of theoretical perspectives, innovative in form and content, and focused on both traditional and emerging topics. It also welcomes essays concerned with theoretical issues, with ethnographic methods and research design in historical perspective, and with ways cultural analysis can address broader public audiences and interests.

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Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology - Routledge
ethnos is a peer-reviewed journal, which publishes original papers promoting theoretical, methodological and empirical developments in the discipline of socio-cultural anthropology. ethnos provides a forum where a wide variety of different anthropologies can gather together and enter into critical exchange.

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Ethos: Journal of the Society for Physical Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for Psychological Anthropology
Ethos is an interdisciplinary and international quarterly journal devoted to scholarly articles dealing with the interrelationships between the individual and the sociocultural milieu, between the psychological disciplines and the social disciplines. The journal publishes work from a wide spectrum of research perspectives. Recent issues, for example, include papers on religion and ritual, medical practice, child development, family relationships, interactional dynamics, history and subjectivity, feminist approaches, emotion, cognitive modeling and cultural belief systems. Methodologies range from analyses of language and discourse, to ethnographic and historical interpretations, to experimental treatments and cross-cultural comparisons.

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Food, Culture & Society - Association for the Study of Food and Society
Food, Culture & Society: An International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (formerly The Journal for the Study of Food and Society) is an international peer-reviewed publication dedicated to exploring the complex relationships among food, culture, and society from numerous disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as in the world of food beyond the academy. It brings to bear the highest standards of research and scholarship on all aspects of food studies and encourages vigorous debate on a wide range of topics.

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General Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the General Anthropology Division
The goal of General Anthropology is to provide timely and readable information and ideas from the four fields of anthropology and applied anthropology.

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History and Anthropology - Routledge
History and Anthropology continues to address the intersection of history and social sciences, focusing on the interchange between anthropologically-informed history, historically-informed anthropology and the history of ethnographic and anthropological representation. It is now widely perceived that the formerly dominant ahistorical perspectives within anthropology severely restricted interpretation and analysis. Much recent work has therefore been concerned with social change and colonial history and the traditional problems such as symbolism, have been rethought in historical terms. History and Anthropology publishes articles which develop these concerns, and is particularly interested in linking new substantive analyses with critical perspectives on anthropological discourse. The journal publishes studies of: economic, religious and linguistic change; European and non-European colonial systems; transformations of art and material culture; gender in history and culture; encounters with and images of "others"; the influences of anthropological representations upon indigenous consciousness and culture; the various contributions of anthropology to colonial practice; and the development of ethnological and anthropological ideals and investigative techniques.

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Human Biology - Wayne State University Press
A world-wide forum for state-of-the-art ideas, methods, and techniques in the field, Human Biology focuses on genetics in the broadest sense. Included under this rubric are population genetics, evolutionary and genetic demography, quantitative genetics, genetic epidemiology, behavioral genetics, molecular genetics, and growth physiology parameters focusing on genetic/environmental interactions.

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Human Ecology - Springer Netherlands
Human Ecology: An Interdisciplinary Journal publishes papers probing the complex and varied systems of interaction between people and their environment. Contributions examine the roles of social, cultural, and psychological factors in the maintenance or disruption of ecosystems and investigate the effects of population density on health, social organization, and environmental quality. Articles also address adaptive problems in urban environments and the interrelationship between technological and environmental changes.

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Human Organization - Society for Applied Anthropology
Human Organization is the journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Its primary objective is the scientific investigation of the principles controlling the relations of human beings to one another and the wide application of these principles to practical problems. The journal regularly includes sections on government and industry, health and medical care, and international affairs. Articles report the application of concepts of social/behavioral science to issues and problems in the contemporary world.

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Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for Latin and Caribbean Anthropology
The Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (JLACA) is a peer-reviewed journal of anthropological research on Latin America and the Caribbean, which is published in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The journal maintains a broad definition of geographical remit and includes diasporic populations. This inclusion is aimed at allowing systematic, fertile, and intellectually stimulating comparisons, which have not been sufficiently explored in publications about the region. As a publication of the American Anthropological Association, JLACA 's mission is to provide a venue for anthropologists (sociocultural anthropologists, social archaeologists, sociolinguists, ethnohistorians etc.) — as well as for scholars of cognate disciplines — who are engaged in the critical study of social and cultural processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Journal of Linguistic Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology
The Journal of Linguistic Anthropology explores the many ways in which language shapes social life. Published with the journal’s pages are articles on the anthropological study of language, including analysis of discourse, language in society, language and cognition, and language acquisition and socialization.

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Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute - Royal Anthropological Institute
The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute is the principal journal of the oldest anthropological organization in the world. It has attracted and inspired some of the world's greatest thinkers. International in scope, it presents accessible papers aimed at a broad anthropological readership. It is also acclaimed for its extensive book review section, and it publishes a bibliography of books received.

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Language in Society - Cambridge University Press
Language in Society is an international journal of sociolinguistics concerned with language and discourse as aspects of social life. The journal publishes empirical articles of general theoretical, comparative or methodological interest to students and scholars in sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, and related fields. Language in Society aims to strengthen international scholarship and interdisciplinary conversation and cooperation among researchers interested in language and society by publishing work of high quality which speaks to a wide audience. In addition to original articles, the journal publishes reviews and notices of the latest important books in the field as well as occasional theme and discussion sections.

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Journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe
The Journal of the Society of the Anthropology of Europe (JSAE) publishes research articles from all fields of anthropological inquiry related to the study of European societies and cultures, providing a forum for discussion and debate. As the official publication of the Society for the Anthropology of Europe, topics covered within the journal’s pages are aligned with the society’s mission to enhance the visibility and legitimacy of Europeanist anthropology, both within the discipline and among other Europeanist groups.

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Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Studies in Health and Illness - Routledge
Medical Anthropology is dedicated to publishing papers that examine human behavior, social life and health in an anthropological context. The journal provides a global forum for inquiring into and elucidating the social and cultural, ideational, contextual, structural and institutional factors that pattern disease, shape experiences of illness and wellbeing, and inform the organization of and access to treatments.

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Medical Anthropology Quarterly: International Journal for the Analysis of Health - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Society for Medical Anthropology
Medical Anthropology Quarterly: International Journal for the Analysis of Health publishes research and theory in the field of medical anthropology. This broad field views all inquiries into health and disease in human individuals and populations from the holistic and cross-cultural perspective distinctive of anthropology as a discipline -- that is, with an awareness of species' biological, cultural, linguistic, and historical uniformity and variation. It encompasses studies of ethnomedicine, epidemiology, maternal and child health, population, nutrition, human development in relation to health and disease, health-care providers and services, public health, health policy, and the language and speech of health and health care. The purpose of the journal is to stimulate debate on and development of ideas and methods in medical anthropology and to explore the relationships of medical anthropology to both health practice and the parent discipline of anthropology.

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Museum Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Council for Museum Anthropology
Museum Anthropology seeks to be a leading voice for scholarly research on the collection, interpretation, and representation of the material world. Through critical articles, provocative commentaries, and thoughtful reviews, this peer-reviewed journal aspires to cultivate vibrant dialogues that reflect the global and transdisciplinary work of museums. Situated at the intersection of practice and theory, Museum Anthropology advances our knowledge of the ways in which material objects are intertwined with living histories of cultural display, economics, socio-politics, law, memory, ethics, colonialism, conservation, and public education.

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Plains Anthropologist - Plains Anthropological Society
Plains Anthropologist, a quarterly journal, publishes original papers on the anthropology of the Great Plains and adjacent areas of North America. Manuscripts of a more general nature, or those concerned with other areas, will be considered if they are of theoretical importance or if they bear upon problems of humans in Plains environments. Memoir issues of the Plains Anthropologist are published depending on availability of manuscripts and funding.

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PoLAR: Political and Legal Anthropology Review - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
Publication of the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology, PoLAR publishes cutting-edge work in the field of political and legal anthropology, broadly defined. This innovative interdisciplinary publication features articles on such issues as nationalism, citizenship, political and legal processes, the state, civil society, colonialism, postcolonial public spheres, multiculturalism, and media politics. In addition to articles, PoLAR publishes syllabi, symposia, book reviews, methodological pieces, narratives of teaching strategies, research notes, and interviews.

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Practicing Anthropology - Society for Applied Anthropology
Practicing Anthropology is a career-oriented publication of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Its overall goals are: (1) to provide a vehicle of communication and source of career information for anthropologists working outside academia; (2) to encourage a bridge between practice inside and outside the university; (3) to explore the uses of anthropology in policy research and implementation; (4) to serve as a forum for inquiry into the present state and future of anthropology in general.

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Reviews in Anthropology - Routledge
Reviews in Anthropology is the only anthropological journal devoted to lengthy, in-depth review commentary on recently published books. Titles are largely drawn from the professional literature of anthropology, covering the entire range of work inclusive of all sub-disciplines, including biological, cultural, archaeological, and linguistic anthropology; a smaller number of books is selected from related disciplines. Articles evaluate the place of new books in their theoretical and topical literatures, assess their contributions to anthropology as a whole, and appraise the current state of knowledge in the field. The highly diverse subject matter sustains both specialized research and the generalist tradition of holistic anthropology.

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Social Anthropology - European Association of Social Anthropologists
While European in profile, this leading Journal has a global scope. It publishes key contributions by both established and up-and-coming anthropologists. As part of the intellectual vitality of the Journal, it also features an exciting Debate in every issue, an important Review Essay which discusses outstanding books in adjoining disciplines or in public debate from an anthropological point of view, and a thriving Book Reviews Section.

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Transforming Anthropology - American Anthropological Association on behalf of the Association of Black Anthropologists
As the chief publication of the Association of Black Anthropologists, Transforming Anthropology advances scholarship across the four fields and beyond. We seek contributions that reflect the dynamic, transnational, and contested conditions of the social worlds, and work that pushes the boundaries of discipline and genre. The publication interrogates the contemporary and historical construction of social inequities based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, nationality and other invidious distinctions. We remain committed to publishing material that generates dialogues among communities of scholars, activists, artists, and the people with whom they work. Transforming Anthropology is published semiannually. We invite the submission of research articles for peer review, as well as short commentaries, research reports, review essays, interviews, and other innovative formats.

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Visual Anthropology - Commission on Visual Anthropology
Visual Anthropology is a scholarly journal presenting original articles, commentary, discussions, film reviews, and book reviews on anthropological and ethnographic topics. The journal focuses on the study of human behavior through visual means. Experts in the field also examine visual symbolic forms from a cultural-historical framework and provide a cross-cultural study of art and artifacts. Visual Anthropology also promotes the study, use, and production of anthropological and ethnographic films, videos, and photographs for research and teaching.

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