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BCM450 Quality Assurance & Quality Control: Your Project

Your Papers

You will be doing short research papers for class. You will be looking for the following kinds of resources:

  • Scholarly or research articles from professional journals
  • Data or statistics
  • Papers, presentations or information from national professional organizations

In order to find these kinds of resources, you'll need to use every available resource at hand: library databases, Google, people in the field and even consulting your librarian. This guide will give you a good starting place to find most of this information.

Where to Start

WhyYou can start with any of the pages in this guide, but it is often helpful to start searching a database, whether it is ProQuest or Google.  Why?

Because there are so many articles found in these resources (think millions and millions), you are likely to


                                                1) find something on your topic
                                                2) find something that can lead you to more resources
                                                3) find  the industry or commonly-used terms or keywords for your topic

If you are not sure where to go first, you can go to the Find Articles tab and use ProQuest as a starting point.