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Class Competencies

  • Research statements, key words, related words
    • Research statement's purpose
    • Identifying Key Words in your Research Statement
    • Creating a Related Words List
  • Other library catalogs
  • Subject Databases page
  • Citation parts
  • Locating paper or microfilm articles in the library
  • Evaluating sources for reliability

After the Library Class--Step 1

After the Library Class--Step 2

Dr. Vavra's Workday

Open the following form and complete it during the workday class.  Please complete all applicable fields in the form, and then submit the form when you are finished.  Any explanation-box accompanying any check-box you select must be completed.  Completed forms should be sent directly to Mr. Buck's email account ( and type in the subject line Dr. Vavra's Workday Form.

During the Library Class

Activity 1

  • Identify the Key Words in the research statement or question you used for the Library Tutorial
  • Create a list of Related Words for the Key Words you identified
  • Answer the questions on your "Activities Form."

Activity 2

  • Using the research question you wrote for Library Tutorial Assignment, find a book from another catalog
  • Answer the questions on your "Activities Form."
  • Begin with Madigan Library Home Page

Activity 3

  • Find at least 2 appropriate databases on the Subject Databases page for the topic in your Library Tutorial assignment
  • Answer the questions on your "Activities Form."
  • Begin at the Madigan Library Home Page

Activity 4

  • Do a search in one of the databases you found in Activity 3 using the topic from your Library Tutorial Assignment
  • Find one citation to an article and locate these items in the citation:
    • Title of article
    • Title of magazine
    • Author (if one is given)
    • Vol. No.
    • Issue No.
    • Issue Date
    • Page article begins on
  • Fill out the answers on your "Activities Form."

Activity 5

  • Using the citation you found in Activity 4, determine if PCT has the article in that citation
  • Answer the questions on your "Activities Form."
  • Begin at the Madigan Library Home Page

Activity 6

  • Using Google or Ask as your search engine, locate a website for your topic.
  • Answer the questions on your "Activities Form."

Useful Links

Subject Guide

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