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Have you successfully completed the Library Tutorial for your ENL111 course?

The Library Tutorial guides you through the research process in quick and easy, step-by-step modules to learn basic research principles that you will use throughout your academic career and beyond.  You will learn how to create a research strategy, how to use the library catalog and databases, and how to evaluate and acknowledge resources, along with other helpful information.  The tutorial is designed to be a foundation piece on which other research skills are built in the research session.                    

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Your ENL111 Research Guide & Session

    This Research Guide & Session has been designed to meet your information needs to successfully complete your course assignments, and to help you become an information-literate, independent-learning individual.   The Library Tutorial introduced you to the principles of basic research, and the Research Session is a starting point for building on those principles.  Furthermore you are encouraged to utilize this guide and seek help  from your subject librarian as well as the Madigan Library Research Services.  See the Help tab of this guide for contact information.

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