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CSC124 Information, Technology & Society (Dawson): Resources for a Business Plan

Your Assignment

For this class, you will be creating a business plan.paper and pen image

Business plans, formal or informal, often include a review of the field, industry or business you want to go into in order for you, as the business creator, to know what the market looks like for your business in a specific geographic area.

You will be using library resources and internet resources to discover market information for your business plan. This may include:

  • Local competition information
  • Local demographic (or population) information
  • Business trends
  • Sample business plans

Resources for a Business Plan

  1. Use the search maps feature to enter your location.
  2. On the same line, enter the type of business you are researching to plot the locations of your competitors.  For example, enter Williamsport PA car wash to find the location of all car washes in Williamsport PA.

Associations are great resources for current industry information, including sales, jobs, news and statistics. Almost every industry has an association, organization, society, institute, etc. You can find these kinds of Websites by searching Google using your industry along with one of those keywords.

Example: "video games" association

You can also use Gale Directory Library to search for an organization in the electronic version of Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S.