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ABM310 Automotive Service Management (Distance Learning): Home

Note: This page is for the Distance Learning course only.

General Information

The overriding goal in this library orientation is to help you identify reliable resources for the major project you are completing for Dr. Garner. To most effectively attain this goal, it is important that you complete the four steps of this library research orientation in the order given in this guide.

Your Grade

Your final grade will be based on the three submissions from steps 2, 3, and 4.  Each is important to the cumulative grade you will receive.  Failure to turn in any of these three assessments will likely assure you will fail or will get a very low grade.

Need Help?
If at any point throughout this orientation process you become confused, frustrated, or experience difficulty, please feel free to contact me at 570-320-2400 ext. 1-7742, or e-mail me at

Proceed to step 1.


Subject Guide

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