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FHD150 Sugar Art: Home

This guide will help you find resources for your project


Use the tabs above to navigate the guide and locate reference sources, books, articles and other information for your topic.   Use this research guide as a directive to work through your research process.  You will  

  • gain an understanding of the kind of information needed for this course/discipline
  • ​find information relevant to your topic
  • use information that is authoritative and appropriate to your topic
  • be able to transfer these skills to apply in the workplace
  • know where/how to get further research support
  • understand the ethical and legal use of information

Sugar Art DVD

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Library Research Worksheet

Save this worksheet to your H drive and use it as a starting point to guide your research process.

American Bakers Association

Founded in 1897, the American Bakers Association (ABA) is the Washington D.C.-based voice of the wholesale baking industry.

ABA News

Stay current with news from the American Bakers Association the leading trade association for the baking industry.

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