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ENL001 Basic English: What's That Mean?

This guide was designed to help ENL001 students to find books, articles, and websites for their research assignments.

Library Language

Call number: found on the label on a book or other library material, libraries use it to keep material organized so that readers can find what they're looking for easily. Just follow the label in alphabetical and numerical order (the whole thing!).

Catalog: an index, usually electronic, which describes, organizes, and helps users to find the books, DVDs, e-books, etc., that are owned by a library.

Database: any collection of information: a store directory, a library catalog, even a book. The way we're using the word in this class, it means an electronic collection of articles from many journals, magazines, and newspapers, collected by companies who sell subscriptions to libraries. This gives libraries the ability to get articles from many different sources, without having to purchase them separately.

ILLiad: a service our library uses to borrow items from other libraries for our users.

Index: A list of names, subjects, or other keywords associated with a document, used especially as an aid in searching for information.

Research: a method of finding information, or the information itself.

WORLDCat: a service which searches for items in other libraries; it works well with ILLiad, allowing libraries to borrow items they don't own, from other libraries, at the request of their users.