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The Library of Congress classification for physics is QC. More specifically, QC is broken down as follows:

  • QC1-999 Physics
  • QC1-75 General
  • QC81-114 Weights and measures
  • QC120-168.85 Descriptive and experimental mechanics
  • QC170-197 Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter Including molecular physics, relativity, quantum theory, and solid state physics
  • QC221-246 Acoustics. Sound
  • QC251-338.5 Heat
  • QC310.15-319 Thermodynamics
  • QC350-467 Optics. Light
  • QC450-467 Spectroscopy
  • QC474-496.9 Radiation physics (General)
  • QC501-766 Electricity and magnetism
  • QC501-(721) Electricity
  • QC669-675.8 Electromagnetic theory
  • QC676-678.6 Radio waves (Theory)
  • QC701-715.4 Electric discharge
  • QC717.6-718.8 Plasma physics. Ionized gases
  • QC750-766 Magnetism
  • QC770-798 Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity
  • QC793-793.5 Elementary particle physics
  • QC794.95-798 Radioactivity and radioactive substances
  • QC801-809 Geophysics. Cosmic physics
  • QC811-849 Geomagnetism
  • QC851-999 Meteorology. Climatology Including the earth's atmosphere
  • QC974.5-976 Meteorological optics
  • QC980-999 Climatology and weather
  • QC994.95-999 Weather forecasting

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

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If an item is not owned by Penn College and you want it, we can get it for you through our interlibrary loan service, ILLiad.  Follow these steps:   

  • Identify an item in WorldCat that the Madigan Library doesn't own
  • Click on the button that says "Request Item"
  • Login to ILLiad, or create a new user profile and then login to ILLiad
  • Verify the information on the request form is correct, then click on the "submit" button
  • Check your PCT e-mail account for notices that your item has been received

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