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Automated Manufacturing & Machining: Find Books & Videos

Why use books?


In today's online world, do books still have a part to play? Absolutely!
Books can provide you with reliable information you can count on and include in your works cited/reference page. They often provide:

  • Background information
  • In-depth coverage of topic
  • Chapters that can break a topic down into smaller, more easily understood pieces
  • Pointers to more information on the same topic

Find Books & Videos Using...

The Library of Congress classification for machining and machine tool technology is TJ.  More specifically, TJ is broken down as follows:

  • TJ1-1570 Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • TJ163-.13-163.25 Power resources
  • TJ163.26-163.5 Energy conservation
  • TJ170-179 Mechanics applied to machinery. Dynamics
  • TJ181-210 Mechanical movements
  • TJ210.2-211.47 Mechanical devices and figures. Automata. Ingenious mechanisms. Robots (General)
  • TJ212-225 Control engineering systems. Automatic machinery (General)
  • TJ227-240 Machine design and drawing
  • TJ255-265 Heat engines
  • TJ266-267.5 Turbines. Turbomachines (General)
  • TJ268-740 Steam engineering
  • TJ603-695 Locomotives
  • TJ751-805 Miscellaneous motors and engines Including gas, gasoline, diesel engines
  • TJ807-830 Renewable energy sources
  • TJ836-927 Hydraulic machinery
  • TJ940-940.5 Vacuum technology
  • TJ950-1030 Pneumatic machinery
  • TJ1040-1119 Machinery exclusive of prime movers
  • TJ1125-1345 Machine shops and machine shop practice
    • TJ1180-1313 Machine tools and machining
  • TJ1350-1418 Hoisting and conveying machinery
  • TJ1425-1475 Lifting and pressing machinery
  • TJ1480-1496 Agricultural machinery. Farm machinery
  • TJ1501-1519 Sewing machines

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

The Library of Congress classification for manufactures is TS. More specifically, TS is broken down as follows:

  • TS1-2301 Manufactures
  • TS155-194 Production management. Operations management
  • TS195-198.8 Packaging
  • TS200-770 Metal manufactures. Metalworking

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.

HD Economic History and Conditions

  • HD6331 Labor and machinery.  Technological unemployment
  • HD8039 .M2 Labor.  Work.  Working class--Machinists.  Machinery industry
  • HD9680-9714 Mechanical industries
    • HD9700 Machine shops
    • HD9703 Machine tools.  Tool and die industry
    • HD9705 Machinery
    • HD9705.5 .A-Z Special products, A-Z (bearings, compressors, earthmoving machinery, fan machinery, fertilizer equipment, gears, hydraulic machinery, internal combustion engines, materials handling equipment, motors, parts, pneumatic machinery, pumps, separating machinery, stepping motors, turbines, ultrasonic equipment, variable speed drives, water jet cutting equipment)

HF Commerce

  • HF5439 .M18 Business--Selling--Machine tools
  • HF5439 .M2 Business--Selling--Machinery
  • HF65686 .M2 Business--Accounting.  Bookeeping--Machine shops

TN Mining Engineering.  Metallurgy

  • TN600-799 Metallurgy

TS Manufactures

  • TS200-770 Metal manufactures.  Metalworking