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Morris: Searching

Course Assignment/Research Session

  1- Choose a narrow topic after exploring a broad topic. 
  2-  Find five appropriate articles to write an annotated bibliography
  3-  Use these articles to write an annotated bibliography
                            4-  Write the final editorial using the articles to  support your point of view ot to offer competing points of view
                            5-  Use MLA or APA for your citation style 

Search tips

Search Tips

  • combine keywords using AND or OR for more precise results
  • use "quotation marks" to search for exact search phrases
  • to search by title, start your search with ti: or use the "title" search option
  • to search by author, start your search with au:last name, first name or use the "author" search option
  • use Advanced Search to combine search concepts, as well as limit by date, format, etc.
  • not finding what you need?  Ask.

What is College Research?

Keywords & synonyms

Note:  as you do your research reading stay alert to words and phrases that describe your topic. In addition you can search a thesaurus  or dictionary for more related terms.