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Provides information to assist students in Mr. Nagy's ENL111 class in performing library research, using the results for composition assignments, and citing their sources.


This guide contains links to databases containing articles, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials in the Madigan Library that can be helpful to your research.

If you have questions, contact me using the information on the right-hand side of this guide.  If I'm not available, try using our Ask a Librarian services.

After the Library Tutorial

The Library Tutorial showed you some basic strategies you can use to find information in the library catalog, in databases, and on the Internet. Here are more tips and sources to help you in writing research papers.

More about research questions ...

Image is a chart showing how research questions about the same topic - nuclear weapons - are different when writing an argument paper, an informative paper, or a cause-effect paper.

The type of paper you're writing, even for the same general topic like "Nuclear weapons" above, affects the keywords you choose when you search for books or articles.


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