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Library Tutorial


Have you successfully completed all the modules of the Library Tutorial before this Research Instruction session? 

The tutorial is intended to be an introduction to the basic skills of the research process.  It is important to complete the tutorial before the Research Session. The follow-up Research Session further develops those skills and provides opportunity to practice research skills through a selection of information resources, inquiry, and progression to working on your course assignment. 

Guide Info

This is the course guide for your ENL111 class.  Use this guide to direct your research  for your assignment. Use the guide tabs above to help you locate reference sources, books, articles and other related information for your topic.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this session you should be able to

  • find information related to your topic
  • evaluate the information you find
  • use information that is appropriate to your topic
  • properly cite your sources
  • be able to apply/transfer what you've learned

Come back to this guide and visit often to explore supporting resources, services, and search techniques.