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FHD327 Customer Service & Retail Baking Operations: Keywords

Your Project

You will research, analyze, and evaluate articles for class lecture topics.  The articles must be relevant and current with industry trends.  You will also develop marketing and merchandising tools to bring a professional product to the retail/wholesale market where you will produce, display, and "sell" this product at a class food show.

Search the Library Catalog

Look Up Keywords & Synonyms


Use the above tabbed keywords/phrases to search for information.  When searching WorldCat, the Library Catalog, you may have to search using a broad keyword or topic. We may not have a book on a specific (narrow) subject such as “key lime pies”, so search “pies” or “pastry”.  Narrower topics can be used when searching for articles in the subject specific Hospitality & Culinary Arts databases.  

Search for your product, e.g., bite$ AND desserts (the $ = bite, bites, bite size, bite-size), also search pastry, cookies, muffins, etc.

Search “food equipment” or “baking AND equipment”   Note:  If the item is an e-book, click the url for access.

Search for purveyor or vendor or supplier or other related terms along with food or restaurant or other related terms.

Search “employees AND rating” as a subject

Search “hospitality AND training” or “foodservice management”

Search “employee motivation” as a subject

Search “conflict resolution” or “conflict management” 

Course-related Keywords

Recommended keywords and search terms to use:

bakery trends       bakery techniques       marketing and merchandising techniques       retail bakery  
performance appraisals and evaluations      baking equipment       bakery services      breads       pastry      desserts
recipe standardization, conversion, costing        team building strategies        bakery technologies

word cloud for coffee

  Think about and consider how many different keywords (broad and narrow, directly and indirectly related) you can use to search for information about your topic.
  Here is an example of a word cloud of varied keywords and terms to consider for the topic  coffee.  This example offers a myriad of ways to think about, describe, and  search for this topic.
  Apply this technique to your search strategy to inspire directly-related and indirectly-related words and phrases to find more extensive information..