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Facts on Childhood Hunger

  • Child food insecurity rate: 18.0% (4,190 total)
    • 1.9% higher than national average
  • Food insecurity rate: 12.1% (13,830 total)
    • 0.3% higher than national average
  • Annual food budget shortfall: $7,547,000
  • Cost per meal: $3.39

How Can you Learn More?

Want to learn more but aren't sure where to start? We have a variety of resources available. You can browse our collection to learn more, view other resources we've created, and ask a librarian for help finding resources.

What is Food Justice?

basket of vegetablesAccording to FoodPrint, Food Justice is a holistic and structural view of the food system that sees healthy food as a human right and addresses structural barriers to that right. An offshoot of environmental justice, food justice's focus is bringing healthy food that is sustainably grown to everyone.

Food justice encompasses food equality, food equityfood sustainability, socially conscious/fair trade products, and managing food waste. All these elements work together to provide environmentally conscious access to healthy food for all people


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