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Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Many articles are freely available in Google Scholar. If you are on-campus, Google Scholar will show you journals that the Madigan Library pays for by using the Get It @ Madigan Library link. If you are off-campus, you can set Google Scholar to see all of Madigan Library access to full-text articles using the PDF directions above, or use our Journal Locator to find out if Penn College students have access to the journal.

LibGuides for this Assignment

Cultural Interview Assignment

Cultural Interview



  1. Identify a person from a culture that is different than yours. Research various sources (Internet and library) to gain some background knowledge about this person's culture. You should read at least 3 different and credible readings. Summarize key findings from these readings (approximately one page, using bulleted format) citing sources appropriately and listing full references at the end of your summary.


  1. Review the handout Questions to Guide You in Learning About A Person’s Culture. Select 8-10 of these questions (more if you want, but choose at least 8) plus add any other questions that you would like to ask. Develop a written set of interview questions that you plan to use in your interview. You do not need to ask all these questions or ask them in the order you have them listed, as you will find that if you use open-ended questions they lead to other questions based on the person's response.


  1. Interview a suitable person using the questions you have prepared and drawing on your background knowledge from your research.


  1. Interview the person. Although it is very useful to take notes in the interview and/or tape record the interview, you need to be sensitive to how the person may react if you do this. Additionally, consider how it will influence you if you are taking notes as you do the interview (for this reason it is useful to do this assignment in pairs, so one of you can write while the other asks questions).


  1. Analyze the responses from the interview and present a summary of your findings. This may be in the form of:
    • a written essay (3-5 pages double spaced).
    • an illustrated essay (with photographs/pictures/drawings. Example: If appropriate and with permission, you may take photos of the person and where they live, pictures of the person's home/work place/environment/artifacts from the person's story; you may scan in pictures the person has shared with you, or you may draw your own pictures to illustrate points in your story.)

What you should turn in:

  1. Summary of research findings from at least 3 credible sources (approximately one page, using bulleted format.) Cite sources appropriately and listing full references at the end of your summary.


  1. List of the questions you planned to ask in the interview, noting which ones you actually ended up asking (and adding in any others that you included impromptu during the interview).


  1. Analysis of the interview (in essay, illustrated essay, or story form)


Due Date: Interview Assignment due on 11/5 @ midnight to Dropbox.

All assignments should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, and one-inch margins on all sides. Additionally, this assignment should include an APA formatted title page and if needed, a reference page. In addition, papers should be organized using headings.


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