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Assignment: Community Change Paper

Your assignment is to write a five to seven page paper on the following:

1. identify a recent social problem (within 2 years) from a source such as a newspaper, magazine, blog, or electronic publication. Summarize the article. Print or photocopy article for submission. This step represents Assignment 1, Part 1 due to  Dropbox in P.L.A.T.O.

2. Describe the social problem that the article addresses. (What is the historical background of the issue? Contributing factors? Current state of the social problem?) Using academic literature (i.e. journal holdings, etc.) include 2 to 4 external citations. All internal citations in APA format. No more than two websites (i.e. .gov, .edu) may be used as part of the citation requirement.

3. Identify a community change organization/initiative that addresses your social problem of interest. This step represents Assignment 1, Part 2 due to Dropbox in P.L.A.T.O.

4. Describe how this organization/initiative seeks to address your identified social problem. (What is their mission/vision? What is the organization's/program's history? What programs, strategies or activities do they implement in an effort to address the identified social problem?)

5. Describe the impact of the community change organization/initiative on the social problem. (Do they have any results or outcomes for their work? Do they provide any success stories or document achievements?)

6. Based on what you have learned, discuss how your identified social problem/organization relates to two aspects/content areas of the course.

Please remember to provide a reference list as part of your final paper submission. This list should include an external citation of your initial social problem article. All Community Change papers are due to Dropbox. The grading rubric for this assignment can be found on P.L.A.T.O.

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