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Penn College Military Display: Home

This guide will provide more information about the activities, organizations, and resources Penn College offers to students in the military.

Penn College's Military Population

American FlagPenn College is proud to have many of our faculty, staff, and students who are active in the military. 

  • Thirteen of our faculty members are veterans;
  • Fifteen of our staff members are veterans. 

Our total number of veteran students is 225 students.

  • Male veterans total 190           84%
  • Female veterans total 35        16%

Out total number of students currently serving in the military is 72 students.

  • Male students currently serving total 62            86%
  • Female students currently serving total 10       14%

saluting soldiers

Honoring Our Students in the Military

soldiers and American flag           We would like to take this opportunity to thank and honor those who have served, are serving, and will serve in any branch of the military.  Thank you for your service, and your work is greatly appreciated. 

          Whether you are a veteran, currently serving, or contemplating enlistment, this guide will provide links to resources at Penn College that will help you at any stage of your service.  The next page of this guide will link you to the various resources, activities, and support that Penn College offers to their students in the military.  Penn College strives to provide resources to inform students, activities to engage students, and support to help students succeed during their time at Penn College.   


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Elizabeth Waugh
Madigan Library
Sunday 11:30 am - 9 pm
Monday - Wednesday 11 am - 9 pm
Librarian for the School of Engineering Technologies
570-320-2400 ext. 7742

Age Range of Our Military Students

Veteran Student Age Range

Veteran Age Range     18 - 61

Veteran Age Percentages     

20 - 25     43     19%

26 - 30     81     36%

31 - 35     41      18%

36 - 40     26      12%

40+         34       15%

Students Currently Serving Age Range

Currently Serving Age Range     18 - 30

Currently Serving Age Percentages

18 - 25      62      86%

26 - 30      10      14%

Soldier in airplane's cockpit