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NUR495 Research & Theory in Clinical Practice: Your Assignments

Resources for your research proposal, critique, and poster presentation.

Research Proposal:  Use of Literature

Each student researches and finds six (6) articles pertaining to overall subject--Two (2) of these articles will be used for the brief literature critiques.

  • The group now will have approximately 20-25 articles (some of the original six might be duplicative).  Articles will be a mix of quantitative and qualitative research articles. (Must be at least one quantitative and one qualitative article among those chosen for the project.)
  • As a group decide which articles BEST serve to support your research question and choose SIX to provide a foundation of science on which to build your proposal.
  • A reference page, using APA format, is to be included in the final poster presentation including at least six articles (more is fine), with the supporting information identified.

Critique:  Use of Literature

  • Each student will research and find articles pertaining to a topic of interest to them approved by Dr. Pyle.
  • From the six (6) articles that you have brought to your group to support your research proposal, you will choose one (1) quantitative article and one (1) qualitative article.
  • These articles must be a form of research article that is from a peer-reviewed journal.
  • The critique assignment is lengthy, so make sure the article is one that is of interest, is well written, not just a short/easy article. 

Critiquing Resources