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First Year Experience - Learning to Evaluate Information: Using the Madigan Library Evaluating Works Cited Rubric

In this instructional session, students learn to use a rubric to evaluate information found on the Web and in databases.

Activity 1: Evaluate Article/Website Using a Rubric


Students work in groups of two (2). Each group reviews one of the articles/Websites below using the Madigan Library Evaluating Works Cited Rubric. The articles can be assigned by the instructor or chosen by the student. Try to have the article/Website chosen reviewed by at least two (2) groups of students. This will allow comparison of evaluation results.

Students will review, score the resource based on the rubric criteria, and review the resources total score on the scale to determine if its credible or not. The topic of the research assignment is the effect of the wolf reintroduction on Yellowstone National Park.

Activity 2: Compare Results of Evaluations

""After students have reviewed and scored their resource, have each group report to the class their score and compare with other groups who reviewed the same article/Website.