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FHD497 Culinary Senior Project: Evaluate Sources

Evaluating Internet Sources

More on Evaluating

Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals

How are they similar?

  • Both are written by experts in their field
  • Both contain a Bibliography, a Reference list or a Works Cited
  • Often have "journal" in the title

How are they different?

  • Not all "Scholarly journals" are peer-reviewed or refereed

Only "Peer reviewed" articles are evaluated by other experts (peers/referees) before publication.
         Check Ulrich's Periodical Directory V.4 at the Reference Desk or Ask a Librarian

Which one contains Evidence Based Practice articles?
Only "Peer reviewed" articles are evaluated by other experts (peers/referees) before publication

  • NOTE: When searching databases:

Check the "Peer reviewed" box,  for those articles if available
Check the "Scholarly Journals" box, for those articles, if available
Check the "EBM" box if available

Primary & Secondary Sources

Primary sources are firsthand documents, such as diaries, census statistics, original research, clinical trials, scientific discoveries, interviews, speeches, etc.

Secondary sources are an analysis of primary sources, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias,reviews of research works, textbooks, etc.

Tertiary sources are almanacs, guidebooks, manuals, etc.

Subject Guide

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