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Social Media Career Readiness: Home

This guide will act as a supplement to the display by providing links to articles and statistics on creating a professional and positive social media presence.

Social Media Career Readiness

    Why Social Media Career Readiness Matters  

          Virtually everyone seems to be on social media and posting about their lives--it's one of the easiest ways to share what is happening in your life, follow celebrities, and keep up to date on the latest trends and news from around the world.  Due to that popularity and ease of access, you can have a record of your life on display for all to see.  As you transition from college student to job hunter, you will want to think twice about your past posts and about what you post in the future. 

           Your social media accounts give potential employers a deep look into who you are as a person--on social media you are what you post.  Inflammatory content, including racist, bullying, or negative comments, photos and posts showing drug usage or intoxication, or complaining about your current job will be viewed negatively by potential employers and may cost you a chance at a job.  This guide will help to provide information so that your social media accounts will look professional to future employers. 

Social Media Recruiting Facts

LinkedIn is the number one social media site for job recruiters to find potential employees.

Links to Helpful Websites

Social Media Checklist

Civic and Social Literacy

Civic and Social Literacy Graphic

What Not To Post

This statistic shows what not to post.

Benefits of Social Media

This statistic shows the positive effects of social media.

Percentage of Candidate Not Hired Because of Social Media Post

Be Prepared for Your "Online Interview"

          This cartoon shows that social media accounts are increasingly viewed as digital interviews where employers can see who you are by what you have posted and continue to post.  Monitoring what you post and deleting older posts that could be viewed as inappropriate is vital to you hopes of getting a job.  A good rule of thumb is not to post anything you would not say (or do) publicly.  On social media, you're in charge.  You can construct a professional (yet still personal) appearance that can help you to be hired.  


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Posts to Avoid

As shown on the chart to the left, many social media posts have led to potential job candidates not not being hired.  Think before you post because recruiters and employers are online too.


Positive Social Media Posts

Despite the negative effects social media posts can have on your chances of being hired, social media can effect you positively, too. Social media can also be used to showcase your skills, ability, and experience to potential employers.  The chart on the left shows the positive effects social media can have on your marketability to employers.

Presenting a professional, competent, and skilled appearance on social media can help to increase your likelihood of being hired.  Social media accounts that are polished and professional can help you to stand out from the crowd and help employers see you as a candidate worth hiring.    

Employers are Looking at Your Social Media Accounts

Last year, over 50% of employers checked the social media accounts of job applicants and did not hire the applicants because of inappropriate posts, so make sure that your social media accounts are professional. 

Check Your Social Media Accounts