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HTH310 Health Issues & Transitions: Your Assignment

Resources for finding information on health care issues and the 65+ age group.

Major Topics List from Your Syllabus

  • An historical perspective of the role of the aged in American Society versus the role of the aged in other cultures.
  • The factors influencing aging, the demographics of aging population and the social issues which result.
  • The impact of an aging population on the health care delivery system in the United States.
  • The “Sandwich generation”: definition, needs, how they impact society and health care, how society and health care influence them, projected future.
  • Ethnic, religious, and cultural diversities in the United States and how aging population is influenced and how health care is influenced by these diversities; future projections.
  • Major physiological and psychological changes, diseases, preventives, and adaptations that occur within the aging population and the projected future impact. Include alternate physical accommodations and ancillary services as appropriate.
  • The impact of health care costs on the economy; contrast and compare past, present and future.
  • Methods of health care financing in the past, present and future.
  • The impact of the cost of health care on the aged with limited financial resources from the perspectives of the past, present and projected future.
  • The ethics of science and technology in maintaining health and/or life in aged or terminal patients and how cultural influences support or condemn their uses.

Your Assignment

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Your assignment is to find information on health care issues and the 65+ age group.

Databases have controlled vocabularies and in order to find scholarly articles on your topic, you need to use the same vocabulary as the database.  Look for a link to thesaurussubject headings, etc.

Here are some keywords and phrases you could use:

  • 65+:  Use the thesaurus in each database to see what term(s) they assign to this age group.  Some may have a preference between elderly, agedaging, "older people", etc.  Use AND to connect your search terms, depending on your topic:
    • Cultures:  Narrow to a specific culture (Native American, Chinese, Asian American, etc.); try "cultural diversity"
    • Religion:  Narrow to a specific religion (Muslim, Jewish, Islamic, etc.)
    • Ethnic:  Narrow to a specific ethnic group (Hispanic, Latino, etc.)
    • Diseases:  Narrow to a specific one (Alzheimer's, dementia, etc.)
    • Family issues:  Narrow to "sandwich generation", driving, "caretaker stress", "grandparents raising grandchildren", etc.
    • Living arrangements: Narrow to different types ("nursing homes", "assisted living", etc.)

Example:  elderly AND "Native Americans" AND "health care"

Reminder:  Use quotes when searching phrases except in PubMed

Health Care vs. Healthcare

health care (noun):  a set of actions by a person or persons to maintain or improve the health of a patient/consumer


  • I have developed a plan for my patient’s health care.
  • A heavier emphasis on preventive health care by patients and providers will improve health outcomes and quality of life.
  • The RNs in this practice provide the majority of the health care for their patients.
  • Special case: hyphenated adjectival form of “health care”
    • Health-care services have become more expensive and more complex over the last 50 years.
    • The health-care needs of the patients in this hospital wing are much higher than the needs of the average patient.

healthcare (noun or adjective):  a system, industry, or field that facilitates the logistics and delivery of health care for patients/consumers


  • Noun
    • I hope to work in healthcare one day.
    • Healthcare’s number and diversity of players grew significantly over the course of the twentieth century.
    • Modern healthcare requires both skilled clinicians and savvy, experienced business professionals to be effective and successful.
  • Adjective
    • The healthcare IT industry has been booming as a result of the strong demand for population analytics and effective electronic health record (EHR) systems.
    • Healthcare reform has been a tough but important process to address many of the systematic failures of the healthcare system.
    • Many former Wall Street professionals are moving into healthcare finance as a result of the industry’s massive growth.

This list of subject-specific encyclopedias may provide background information on your topics.

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