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HTH310 Health Issues & Transitions: Find Articles

Resources for finding information on health care issues and the 65+ age group.

Issues in Context

Other Databases

Medical Literature

General Search Tip Reminders
  • Use quotation marks around phrases, e.g. "health care" (except in PubMed)
  • Use an asterisk to truncate search words, e.g., gerontolog* = gerontology, gerontological, gerontologist, etc.
  • Use AND to connect keywords and phrases, e.g., "health care" AND elderly
  • Use synonyms to see if you get different results, e.g. elderly, geriatric, old, senior, aged, etc.
CINAHL Search Tips
  • Use Advanced Search
  • Limit by Age Groups selecting Aged:  65+ years
PsycINFO Search Tips
  • Use the Advanced Search option
  • Limit by Age Group selecting Aged (65 Yrs & Older) or Very Old (85 Yrs & Older)
PubMed Search Tips
  • Once you do a search, click on Show additional filters
  • Check the box next to Ages, then click Show
  • Click on Aged:  65+ years
  • Do not use quotation marks