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ACH262 Sustainability: Building and Living Green: Course Goals & Assignments: Writing Intensive

Welcome to Madigan Library!

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Use this Research Guide to complete your assignments in the course.

For additional help, Please contact Your Librarian!

Course Goals & Assignments

Throughout this Writing Intensive(WRT) course, you'll be completing several assignments that require additional research on your part. But not to worry! Following this guide will help you gather items needed for the following:

  • Ongoing journal writings
  • Formal writing assignments
  • Presentations (research for images and graphs!)

For specifics, consult your instructor, class syllabus, and assignment sheets.

By the End of Today's Library Class...

Thankfully, the library has resources specific to Architecture topics! Use the labeled tabs above to find various types of resources.

By the end of the first library class, you should be able to:

  1. Understand scholarly resources relating to sustainability & green living specific to Architecture
  2. Find at least 5 different types of resources for your assignments
    (Get Started!)
  3. Save your 5 resources
  4. Cite your 5 resources 

Topic Ideas

Topics you could explore, but are not limited to:

  • Construction methods
  • Natural lighting
  • Solar energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Toxins or pollutants (sick building syndrome)
  • Water conservation
  • Material disposal
  • EPA Superfund cleanup sites and other Environmental justice problems
  • Sustainable building practices/alternative materials
  • Zero waste
  • Plastics - the good and the bad
  • Holistic living (GMOs/Organic)