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Five Key Literacy Skills for Success and Moving PA Forward: Home

Explains the PA Forward Initiative and the purpose of the PA Forward Star Library Program. It focuses on how the Madigan Library participates and has become a Gold Star Library


Bronze Star Certificate

Bronze Star Certificate

Silver Star Certificate

Silver Star Certificate: One for Each of the Five Literacies

Gold Star Certificate

Gold Star Certificate

What is PA Forward and the Star Library Program?

PA Forward promotes and benefits all libraries. For academic libraries, the campaign strengthens the public’s perception that academic institutions provide great benefits to their local communities by sharing resources and services with the community as well as students and faculty. 

What is PA Forward poster

The PA Forward Star Library Program was designed to showcase and recognize all types of libraries that incorporate PA Forward and the five key literacies, which have been identified as essential to the success of all individuals, into their programming activities, displays and events. This unique program was also developed to help libraries demonstrate that their library is a part of the larger PA Forward statewide initiative that is powering progress and elevating the quality of life for all Pennsylvania citizens. 

The goal was to make this program easily manageable and make the actual implementation fairly seamless for any library, regardless of type, staffing levels, funding or available technology skills. This needed to be a winning system that benefited everyone!

It was also important the program give libraries the ability to better serve their communities by creating valuable connections and partnerships as well as exciting and relevant programming.

Madigan Library Recognition