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Using Articles & Videos in P.L.A.T.O.: Using Additional Library Resources in P.L.A.T.O.

Library Research Help in P.L.A.T.O.

The following is are examples of library resources you can automatically have added to your course site:

  • Course guide
  • Subject (program) guide
  • A-Z database list for your subject (program)
  • Contact information for your librarian
  • Today's library hours
  • Research consultation request form

Key advantages are:

  • Helps you achieve core educational goals for your program
  • Never having to worry about links to library resources changing (time saver!)
  • Information transfers during a course-copy (another time saver!)
  • Default resources display if no course and/or subject-specific guides and databases are found


To add Library Research Help to your course site, simply follow these directions:

  • Click on Course Content
  • Create or go to the module in which you wish to add library content
  • Click on Add Existing Activities
  • Click on External Learning Tools
  • Click on Library Research Help

That’s it!  Please contact your librarian if you have questions!