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Evaluating Resources - Rubrics for Students: Tips for using rubrics

Rubrics to use for evaluating resources, evaluating bibliographies. etc.

Course Assessment through Information Literacy Rubrics

Why use rubrics?

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Rubrics are an increasingly popular tool for assessment, but did you know you can use a rubric as a way to assess your students' information literacy level? Every course that Penn College teaches has to have an information literacy component and many courses also have information literacy activities in their Required Student Outsomes (RSOs). As we move toward assessing RSO's, rubrics are a great tool to assess the information literacy component/RSOs in a course.

Tips from others

Student use

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Have students use the same rubric for all their assignments. This will enable the student, and you, to compare their Bibliographies/Works Cited pages across assignments.

Have students use Google for a small research assignment and have them use the Madigan Library Evaluating Works Cited rubric to review their found resources. Have them do a second research assignment using only ProQuest and again use the rubric. They should learn quite alot about the research databases and the information they provide.