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Commentary, Policy, & Opinion Resources: On the Left

The Advocate
Against the Current
The American Prospect
The Black Scholar
Boston Review
Christian Century
Democratic Left
Foreign Policy
Free Inquiry
The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide
Guttmacher Policy Review
Harper's Magazine
In These Times
International Socialist Review
Monthly Review
Mother Jones
Ms. Magazine
The Nation
National Catholic Reporter
New Perspectives Quarterly
New Politics
The New Republic
The New York Review of Books
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Politics & Society
The Progressive
Review of African Political Economy
Science & Society
Signs:  Journal of Women in Culture and Society
Utne Reader
Washington Monthly
Z Magazine


  • The Left includes progressives, social liberals, social democrats, socialists, communists and anarchists
  • Human nature "constructed," malleable, perfectible
  • Preference for public, state institutions
  • Emphasis on legal rights (individual seen as immediate to state, an "atomic" unit)
  • Tend to legal positivism [Law as an act of will]
  • Inclined to state regulation of economy
  • Incline to centralization
  • Emphasize equality
  • Suspicious of institutional religion
  • Tend toward enthusiasm, moralism, utopian reformism to stamp out abuses
  • Global focus, international