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ELT100 Topics of Construction Safety: Start


This guide is your starting point for finding books, videos and other materials on safety and related issues such as ergonomics, accident prevention, disaster preparation, protective equipment, etc   If you have questions, contact me or one of the other librarians using the information on the Help tab.

Three Class Assignments

Find fifteen (15) accident articles for your notebook five (5) for each of the following three (3) major topics:""

  • Five (5) electrical accidents (electrocutions, fires, shocks)
  • Five (5) occupational accidents (chemical spills, on-the-job injuries, occupation-related disease)
  • Five (5) general accidents (earthquakes, volcanoes, shooting/hunting accidents, fire-related accidents, drowning, etc.)

Use the Find Articles & Statistics tab to search the library databases.

Research a topic and be sure to include:

  • the violation and the OSHA standard that was violated
  • the dollar amount of the fine assessed and the corrective action.""

Use the Find OSHA Regulations & Violations tab to start looking for newspaper articles and coverage of local incidents.

You will be giving a 10-minute presentation on a chosen safety topic in class at some point during the semester.""

You will need to find background information, statistical information, regulation information, and possibly cite some real-life examples. The tabs on Find Safety Books & Videos and Find Articles & Statistics are good places to start looking for information on your safety topic.