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How Information Is Created: Information Timeline

Within Minutes

Social Media

"Breaks" the story.  Information may be incomplete, false, or biased.


FacebookTwitter InstagramYouTubeBlogger

Within a Month

Monthly Magazines

Additional time allows for better reporting.  May include opinions.


Wired MagazineScientific AmericanNational GeographicConsumer ReportsInc.

Within Days

News Sites, TV, Radio & Daily Newspapers

As time passes, information gets added, updated, and verified.  Opinions emerge.


CNNFox NewsBBC RadioNational Public RadioThe New York Times

3+ Months Later

Scholarly Journals

Written by experts.  Well-researched and objective.


The Journal of American CultureNatureJAMA:  Journal of the American Medical AssociationAdvanced RoboticsAmerican Forests

Within a Week

Weekly Magazines

Offers more insight.  Likely to include context information, interviews, related topics.


NewsweekPeople MagazineThe New YorkerTime MagazineThe Advocate

12+ Months Later


Benefit most from hindsight.  Give most in-depth coverage of a topic.


Diversity Beyond Lip Service:  A Coaching Guide for Challenging BiasImagining the Modern:  Architecture and Urbanism of the Pittsburgh RenaissanceRocket MenThe Impeachers:  The Trial of Andrew Johnson and the Dream of a Just NationThe Washington War:  FDR's Inner Circle and the Politics of Power That Won World War II