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How to Use the Library: Home


Students who are required to complete the Library Tutorial for ENL111 and the accompanying assessments must do so using the directions provided to them by their ENL111 instructor and/or the librarian assigned to their section of ENL111.


These modules were created by the librarians in the Madigan Library. If you are an instructor at Penn College and are interested in using any of these modules and the accompanying assessments through P.L.A.T.O., please contact your librarian.

How-To Videos

Creating a Research Strategy

Creating a Research Strategy

Learn how to identify a research topic, develop that topic, and construct and implement a search strategy.

Watch the Video | Length:  4:17


How to Use the Library Catalog

How to Use the Library Catalog

Learn how to perform basic and advanced searches in WorldCat Discovery, our library catalog.

Watch the Video | Length:  5:26

Scholarly Articles

Magazine, Newspaper, Journal & Trade Articles

Learn how to identify identify magazine, newspaper, scholarly, and trade publication articles as sources of information.

Watch the Video | Length:  13:46

How to Use a Database

How to Use a Database

Learn how to find databases that relate to your research topic, use features in databases, and how to locate an article.

Watch the Video | Length:  6:42

Evaluating Information

Evaluating Information

Learn how to examine and compare information for reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness, and bias.

Watch the Video | Length:  5:17

Acknowledging Sources

Acknowledging Sources

Learn what constitutes plagiarism and ways to avoid it.

Watch the Video | Length:  6:00