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HSJ412 Legal & Ethical Issues in Human Services & the Criminal Justice System: Home


This guide contains links to databases containing articles, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials in the Madigan Library that can be helpful to your research.

If you have questions, contact me using the information on the right-hand side of this guide.  If I'm not available, try using our Ask a Librarian service.

Possible Topics

Here is a list of possible topics for your research assignment:

Child Abuse and Neglect

            Mandatory Reporting

            Protection of Victims in the Legal System

            Rights of Parents and Termination

            Duties of Guardian ad Litems

            Aging out of foster care

Gay and Lesbian issues






Juvenile Justice

            History of the System and Goals

            Juvenile Rights in the Legal System

            Juvenile Transfer

            Juveniles tried as adults         

            Parental Liability for juvenile offenders

Domestic Violence

            Victims’ Rights and Protection

Conflict between Children’s and Battered Parents’ Rights

Changing nature of arrest

Adult Sex Offenders

            Impact of Megan’s Laws

            Sentencing and Recidivism

            Chemical restraint/drug treatment

Mental Illness

            Intersection with Criminal Justice System

            Administrative Commitments for Treatment

            Children’s rights to accept or refuse treatment

            Parental rights for information on children

Mental Retardation

            Intersection with Criminal Justice System

Elder Law

Power of attorney, living wills, extraordinary efforts, DNR

Parental Rights

            Adoption                                  Incarceration




            Undocumented issues


            Medical care, Educational care


            Age of consent

            Parental rights for information on children

            Children’s rights for confidentiality

            Birth control for minors

            Physical restraint of children in residential care


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