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MET315 Engineering Economics (Albright): Home

Research paper assignment given in MET 315 for Paul Albright's courses

Research Paper Assignment

Welcome to Madigan Library! Use this research guide to assist you with your research paper assignment for Prof. Albright's course. The tabs at the top will direct you to the resources you need for each part of your paper.

Before the library session:

1. Pick a topic:

  • Technology
  • Process
  • Industry
  • Company

2. Consider the economic effects:

  • Is my topic more expensive, but has efficiency benefits?
  • Did it spawn a new industry?
  • Did it allow a company to capture more market share?

*Final Exam = 20% of your grade
*Research paper = 10% of final exam grade
*Library session = 10% of research paper grade

By the end of the library session...

Goals in the library session(2nd assignment) and beyond are:                                                                                         ""

  • Use library databases and other resources to locate:
    - Journal articles
    - News articles
    - Press releases
    - Case Studies
    - Financial information (span of years)
  • Cite the information I find

You are ready to write your paper (3rd assignment) when:

  • You can say in detail how your subject and/or society is positively affected, or caused positive effects through the development, use, introduction, or existence of.
  • You've found this information in at least 5 sources:
    • a description
    • the history behind
    • comparisons to traditional
    • the positive effects (economical and societal)
    • where it is found today
    • potential other uses
    • what does the future look like
  • You've cited in MLA or APA format your sources and saved them.

Always ask a librarian for HELP at any time in the assignment.