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Periodicals: Professional, Trade, and Industry or Special-Interest Periodicals

Periodical is the generic term which includes popular magazines, scholarly journals, newspapers, and subject or professional publications that are published at fixed intervals.
ENR (Engineering News Record)
Accounting Today
The Fabricator
All About Beer
Car and Driver
Architectural Record
American Forests
Hotel Business
Professional Builder
Diesel Power
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News
Construction Equipment
Wine Spectator
Surgical Technologist
Fine Gardening
Nurse Practitioner
Social Work Today
Nuts and Volts
PT in Motion
Emergency Management
Antique Automobile
Chemical & Engineering News
ASRT Scanner
Aviation Maintenance

Look at the Article

  • Usually only one author; staff-written or written by freelance authors, guest contributors, or professionals in the field
  • Article length is usually short
  • Straightforward article titles; sometimes popular and catchy
  • Article does not have an abstract at the beginning
  • Sources are not cited; no references or bibliography at the end of an article

Look at the Whole Issue

  • Titles are short and sometimes include the word News (e.g. Metal Construction News, AAUP News)
  • Issued frequently (weekly, biweekly, or monthly)
  • Eye-catching covers, glossy paper, photos, illustrations, cartoons, sidebars
  • Many ads for products and services related to a particular profession, trade, or industry
  • Audience is a practitioner of a particular profession, member of a trade, or worker in an industry; uses language for an educated readership; assumes a certain level of a specialized knowledge
  • Purpose is to examine problems or concerns in a particular profession or industry; provides specialized information to a wide, interested audience
  • Rarely found on a newsstand or in a bookstore; requires a subscription or library access

Trade Publications Tutorial

Databases to Use