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Reserves: Reserves for Fun

The Library's Reserves

computer with social media pages open


Need a laptop? Check one out from the library! Check out periods for the computers may vary.

computer mouse pointers

Need a Mouse too?

We have computer mice that are available for you to check out as well.

aux cable

Charging Cables

Phone need charged? We have a variety of cables for you to use.



We have two types to choose from: a basic calculator and the TI-84 calculator.



Need headphones to listen to watch a video for your class? Check out a pair at the library!


DVD and CD Players

Want to watch a movie or listen to music? Check out one of our DVD or CD players.

video game controller

Board Games & Consoles

In a gaming mood? We have Xbox and Wii consoles, as well as many board games to choose from. 

a rainbow of colored pencils


We have highlighters, colored pencils, dry erase, and Crayola markers available.

a variety of tools on a shelf

Special Tools on Reserve

  • FLUKE Thermal Imager
  • HOBO Data Logger
  • Kill-A-Watt
  • Raytek Mini Temp
  • Solar Pathfinder

a variety of tools on a shelf

More Tools to Check Out!

  • Kestral Pocket Weather Meter
  • Moisture Meter
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Suunto Compass
  • Sylvania Lux Meter

One to Rule Them All

We have rulers that are available to check out. The available sizes are 31 cm (12 inch) and 45 cm (18 inch).


Dipole Antennas

Interested in trying robotics? Check out some dipole antennas.


Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are available for you to check out.



Need a projector for your next project? We have portable projectors for you.



Need a webcam for a class assignment or a job interview? Check one out today!

old-fashioned video camera


Ready to film a fun video or a class project? We have tripods for you to use.


Flash Drives and External Hard Drives

Need some extra space? Check out a flash drive or external hard drive!

house roofs

Drafting Tables

We have drafting tables that are available for checkout.

house blueprint

Building Plans

Need building plans? Check out the plans of Penn College buildings!

light bulb

Light Therapy Lamps

Feeling the blues? We have light therapy lamps to brighten your day!

Contact Us to Check Out Reserves

ask a librarianYou can check out reserves, resources, and study rooms from the Circulation Desk at the Madigan Library--and make sure you bring your college ID!

Call: 570.320.2400 ext. 7815

Text: 570.273.0227


Helpful Tip

flagAll items listed here are subject to change, availability, check-out-time limits, and/or in-library use only. Please contact the Circulation desk for full details on the items. 

Want to Have Fun? Come to the Library!

person sitting on a table and working on a computeNeed some time to chill and destress? The Madigan Library is the place to come! 

This page displays some of the relaxing reserves the library has to offer. Feel free to browse through this list or just stop by the library and check out the resources that are available. 

This list is not a complete list of our reserves. Feel free to browse through the Reserves for Class page too; there can be some overlap between items.

Recreational Reserves

a rainbow of colored pencilsMarkers!

We have a variety of markers for you to express you creativity.

  • Dry Erase markers
  • Crayola markers
  • Highlighters
  • Colored pencils

We also have Dry Erase boards on reserve as well! 

video game controllerIn a Gaming Mood?

A variety of games and consoles are available for you!

  • Xbox with Kinect kit
  • Wii Console and games
  • Apples to Apples
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Wide selection of Xbox 360 games

dvdDVD and CD Players

Want to watch a movie? Check out our

  • DVD players
  • CD players

robotDipole Antennas

Interested in trying robotics? We have dipole antennas available to check out.



cameraDigital Cameras

Want to try your hand at photography? Check out our digital cameras!



light bulbLight Therapy Lamps

Feeling the blues from being cooped up inside? We have light therapy lamps to brighten your day!