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SGT112 Introduction to Surgical Technology & Patient Care Concepts: Your Assignment

Use this guide to find resources for Surgical Technology

Identify Keywords


Your assignment is to find information on a surgical technology-related topic.

Databases have controlled vocabularies and in order to find scholarly articles on your topic, you need to use the same vocabulary as the database.  Look for a link to thesaurussubject headings, etc.  To save time searching, use the asterisk (*) to search all forms of the root of the word/phrase, as well as synonyms

Here are some keywords and phrases you could use:

  • "surgical techn*" AND "robotic surgery"
    *=technologist, technologists, technician, technicians, technology, etc.
  • scrubs 
  • "operating room technician*"
    *=technician or technicians

Reminder:  Use quotes when searching phrases (except in PubMed).

What Type of Information Do I Need?

Use books to;

  • define terms,  properties, principles, etc. (lasers, Newton's Law of Motion, electrical flow, etc)
  • describe a procedure or concept (robotic surgery, laser use and safety, temperature, heat, etc.)
  • find history of surgical technology
  • find death/dying rituals of a religious or cultural customs

Use article databases to find:

  • current journal articles  on your topic (postoperative care, career opportunities, etc.)

Use websites to find:

  • professional associations, institutes, and societies
  • career opportunities 
  • scope of practice