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ENL201 Technical and Professional Communication (Hruschka): Home

We will learn 3 things

At the end of the library session, you should be able to:

  1. identify the best keywords for your topic
  2. find scholarly articles
  3. find reliable websites

Required Sources

You must use 

  • At least 5 authoritative sources
  • 2 articles from popular press or the Internet

Creating Keyword Searches


Write down your topic in the form of a question. For example: Does outsourcing jobs to foreign countries hurt the U.S. economy?

Pick out the keywords in your question. Example:

Outsourcing jobs

United States                         



Think of related words: For example, the word impact is probably a better term to search than the word hurt.

Unemployment is a term that is related to economy, but may yield specific information about loss of  jobs.

Adding the term statistics or data will help you find tables and charts on your topic.

Need help? Just ask me!

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