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AI Learning Tools: Generative AI Use in Industry

By Industry

  • Compiled culinary data is analyzed by AI to transform the food landscape and lead to better health and nutrition (Goel & Bagler, 2022).
  • This trade journal article examines current trends and provides snapshots of ten restaurants of the future (Ruggless, 2019).
  • This article discusses many trends impacting the hospitality industry including the functionality of AI ("51 Trends for 2023," 2022).
  • The electronics industry embraces AI for R&D, manufacturing, and security in a variety of ways (Bundela, 2019).
  • Artificial intelligence has been used to create socially present robots with emotions, identities, and perceived genders (Xu et al., 2023).
  • Some resources also show how some industries have implemented more AI and that the AI (like ChatGPT) still needs improvement ("Where Are All the Robots?", 2023).
  • Create summaries of medical conversations from recorded audio during patient visits, which helps doctors cut down on the amount of time they spend on notes (Lin, 2023).
  • Create so-called synthetic data, or fake versions of patient records that maintain the properties of the original, which will be particularly useful for researching less common diseases, where it is harder to gather sufficient patient data (Lin, 2023).
  • Could make clinical trials more efficient by creating “synthetic” control patients (i.e., fake patients) using data from real patients and their underlying attributes (to be compared with the patients who receive the new therapy) (Altman, 2023. p. 6).
  • Could optimize clinic scheduling or simplify generation of medical codes for billing, disease surveillance, and automated follow-up reminders (Langlotz, 2023, p. 7).
  • When a patient returns home from a clinic visit, a foundation model could generate tailored patient education materials and explain their care plan at the appropriate reading level (Langlotz, 2023, p. 7).

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Books in the Library Collection

  • AI impacts how businesses interact with customers and employees through the use of AI ChatBots (Gkinko & Elbanna, 2022).
  • Combining technology and fashion, AI is being used to engage students' critical thinking skills in class - this examples focuses on fashion design (Jing, 2023).
  • Another example of how AI is used in the classroom, this article for the New York Times provides numerous examples of how education is impacted by this new technology (Singer 2023).
  • Super-human AI is contrasted with human decision-making and shows that AI can improve innovative thinking (Shin et al., 2023).