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BBT415 Integrated Building Operation & Energy Management: Find Books & Videos

The guide provides places to find research on interoperability between HVACR other systems (electrical, fire, etc.) as well as energy management.

Why use books?


In today's online world, do books still have a part to play? Absolutely!
Books can provide you with reliable information you can count on and include in your works cited/reference page. They often provide:

  • Background information
  • In-depth coverage of topic
  • Chapters that can break a topic down into smaller, more easily understood pieces
  • Pointers to more information on the same topic

Find Books & Videos Using...

The Library of Congress classification for energy resources is TJ and TP. More specifically, TJ and TP are broken down as follows:

  • TJ163.13-163.25 Power resources
  • TJ163.26-163.5 Energy conservation
  • TJ808  Renewable energy resources
    • TJ809-812  Solar energy
    • TJ820-828  Wind power
  • TP324  Wood
  • TP325-340  Coal, lignite, charcoal, coke, biomass, peat
  • TP345  Gas
  • TP350  Natural gas
  • TP355  Petroleum, Including synthetic petroleum
  • TP359 .M4  Methane

The Library of Congress classification for building automation systems is TH and TJ.  More specifically, TH and TJ are broken down as follows:

  • TH6012  Building control systems
  • TJ163.5  Energy conservation or consumption in special industries, facilities, etc.  (buildings, dwellings, factories, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, plants, stores, etc.)

Browsing in any of these areas may lead to the discovery of valuable material in addition to the specific items listed in this guide.