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CIT230 Fundamentals of Information Security: Home

The Assignment

Research Paper for CIT230

For this course, you'll be completing and presenting a professional paper that covers topics within information security that you've researched throughout the semester. Steps include...

1. Find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles in library databases.

2. Read the abstract, introduction, and description of the article. Be sure to read the conclusion. The purpose here is to gain a deeper knowledge of specific elements within selected topics.

3. Summarize the papers for later use in the project.

4. Narrow your project to a specific topic within these readings.

5. Design and present a 15 minute presentation.

6. Complete a professional paper based on research.

This project is 20% of your grade, which you can find in your syllabi.

By the end of this guide/class...

By using this guide, you'll be able to...

  • Understand the meaning of a "peer-reviewed" article
  • Locate peer-reviewed articles articles in library databases
  • Complete APA style and citations