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CSC124 Information, Technology, and Society: Information Literacy Module

This guide will define information, explain the differences between Google and databases or other library resources, how to locate reliable resources, and how to cite these resources.

Information Literacy Module

Please complete the Information Literacy module.  This page is constructed from different boxes that each contain parts of the library module. This module contains four (4) steps to complete:

  1. View the Evaluating Resources tutorial video
  2. View the Creating a Research Strategy tutorial video
  3. View the How to Use a Database tutorial video
  4. Complete the Information Literacy Quiz located in your CSC124 course in P.L.A.T.O.

You may watch the module videos as many times as you like, even after you complete the quiz. The library's databases are always available for you to use as you complete your assignments for this course and for future classes and assignments.  

Complete the Worksheet

Complete the Quiz

Now you are ready to take your Information Literacy quiz.  Please go to your CSC124 course in P.L.A.T.O. to complete your quiz.

How To Evaluate Resources

How to Create a Research Strategy

How to Use a Database