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Evidence-Based Medicine: Peer Review

Peer Review Process


Scholarly vs. Peer Review

How are they similar?

  • All are written by experts in their field
  • All contain a Bibliography, a list of References or a Works Cited
  • Often have the word journal in the title of the publication

How are they different?

  • Not all scholarly journals are peer-reviewed or refereed
  • Only peer-reviewed articles are evaluated by other experts (peers/referees) before publication (see diagram to the left)
  • Evidence-based research is written in the scientific method (Method/Design, Data, Results,Conclusion, References)
  • Ulrich's Periodical Directory (volume 4) at the Reference Desk will indicate peer-reviewed with a black arrow ""

Which ones contain evidence-based research articles?

  • Peer-reviewed journals contain EBR articles
  • EBR will have been conducted by the author(s)

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