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Use this research guide for your ENL111 writing assignments.  If you need help, contact us at any time!

Casual Argument Essay

The GOALS of this essay and in our library session are to:‚Äč

  • Define/explain your topic: Research background information
  • Identify the problem: Research articles & books
  • Offer solutions: Finalize research with citations in APA format

A minimum of 3 sources are needed.

  • Can include magazine articles, journal articles, scholarly articles, and other resources from library databases.
  • Evaluate these sources in an annotated bibliography.

Define Your Topic

Defining your topic doesn't always come easy, but using these library resources will help! Browse or search these databases or books to help you narrow or broaden your topic.

Controversial Issues Book Series

Contemporary World Issues
Information Plus Reference Series
Library in a Book
Opposing Viewpoints
Reference Shelf
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on...

The Evolution of Information: Breaking News vs. Scholarly Content