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This guide contains a wealth of informational content including videos, tools, and links to databases, scholarly online resources, and information about print and electronic materials available through the Madigan Library that will be helpful in achieving your academic goals and completing your research requirements. 

If you ever have any research questions, please remember that I am here for you! I can be contacted using the information located on the "Help" tab of this guide. There you can also find options for getting immediate assistance if I'm not available. 

Student Evaluation of Library Instruction

Why is the Library Important?

Think about research in terms of baking a cake or changing a tire. You can do either one of those things by hand, with a whisk or a wrench. But if you have the right tool like a mixer or an impact wrench, the time spent on the task is decreased significantly, and you'll likely have a much better end result! Search engines like Google can be good tools, but the library catalog and databases are far better tools! 

But we understand that jumping into something new, like our databases, can sometimes be confusing because they're not necessarily what you're used to. Your first experiences with our databases might leave you feeling like the monk in the video below, but don't worry! We, at the Madigan Library, are here to help you and answer any questions that you have!

Today's Goals

By the end of class today you should:

  1. have a better understanding of how to use library databases to find resources.
  2. know how to narrow or broaden your research topic.
  3. know where to find resources to help you create proper citations.

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