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Lamont: Writing Assignments

Instructor Lamont's ENL 111 courses will use this guide to complete their research assignments and writings.


Class Assignments

The Causal Argument

  • Choose your event, trend, situation, or phenomenon

  • Search initial sources to narrow/focus your topic

  • Find THREE different kinds of credible sources that:

    • Explain why something happens/happened the way it does/did

    • Explain why it is important to understand the explanation(s) for this 'effect'.

  • Save & Cite your articles


The Rhetorical Analysis

From the speech you chose, you'll use library resources to complete your analysis in the paper

  • Choose your speech
  • Use library databases to find articles that answer these questions:   analysis-ninja
    • What evidence is offered to support this claim?
    • What is the speech's cultural/historical context?
  • Save & Cite your articles


Library Assignment

This guided worksheet will help you with your research. Remember to save your work!

Not sure on your topic?

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