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Sources of Articles

Find an Article in a Specific Newspaper

Example:  You need to find an article in The Wall Street Journal.

Enter wall street journal in the title search box in Journal Locator:

journal locator example search for wall street journal

If the title you entered is available, click on the link to it in the results list to display detailed information, noting dates of coverage:

Journal Locator example search looking at detailed information

If the title you entered does not render a result, go to Step 5.

Click on the link to the newspaper title above the resource you wish to access to see a publication information page similar to this example from ProQuest:

Example publication information page in a ProQuest database

From the Publication Information page, you can:

  • Search within the newspaper using keywords

sample search within publication

  • Use the Advanced Search option where you can specify parameters, such as keyword, author's name, article title, or limit by date range

sample advanced search using keywords in the document title published in the last 7 days

  • Browse for articles by date

example of browsing by issue date

If you searched Journal Locator and did not find the newspaper you need, you may be able to request it using our interlibrary loan service.  Once logged in, fill out the article request form.  Please note that to use this, you need to have information regarding a specific article in a specific newspaper.  Use the databases listed on this page to identify a specific article first before requesting a copy from another library.