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HIS302 An Age of War: A Cultural History of World War I & II: Home

Goals for Today

By the end of class, you should have:

1. a better understanding of annotated bibliographies and where to find resources to help you write them.

2. ideas on how to search for specific types of materials

3. at least 2 relevant resources that you can use for this assignment.

Your Assignment

Create an annotated bibliography consisting of:

  1. One monograph covering the general period (World War I, II, etc.)
  2. Memoir/autobiography
  3. Historical fiction
  4. Monograph or scholarly journal article covering themes/narratives touched on in the fictional book listed above
  5. Monograph or memoir looking at one of the topics below:
    • Military strategy
    • Military leadership
    • Foreign affairs
    • Political leadership
    • Significant battles
  6. Monograph looking at some aspect of daily life during the time period
  7. Monograph/collected works looking at one of the topics below:
    • Art
    • Poetry
    • Literature
    • Music
  8. Special interest
  9. Choice (monograph, historical fiction, memoir, etc.)
  10. One book you learned about through the presentations of your classmates