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How to Find Business Plans: Business Plans Handbook

Business Plans Handbook

Using the Cumulative Index

The cumulative index is an alphabetical listing of business types.  Browse by letter to find your type of business.  Remember to think of other similar businesses if you cannot find an exact match.  Listed underneath each type will be one or more businesses.  Links provided will be one of the following three items:

  • Full-text of the business plan in Gale eBooks.  Login using PCT credentials is required if accessing off-campus.
  • Full-text of the business plan requested through interlibrary loan.  We do not have direct full-text access, but can get a copy for you.  Click on the "Request It from Interlibrary Loan" button for that volume, sign into your Madigan Library account using your PCT credentials, click on the word "Article" at the top, enter the name of the business/business type in the the "title of article" box, enter the words "all pages" in the page numbers box, then click the submit button.  Watch your PCT email account for the alert that your business plan is available.
  • Full-text of the business plan PDF.  Due to copyright restrictions, the full-text of these are password-protected.  Contact a librarian for access.